Shenzhen Chundaxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd
Company Name: Shenzhen Chundaxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd Type Of Company: Enterprises ()
Area: China/Guangdong/Shenzhen Company Size: 1-49人
Registered Capital: 100万RMB Registration Year: 2011
Certification Information:
Security Deposit: Already Paid ¥0.00 CNY
Business Scope: LED light source, LED applications, LED lighting parts, semiconductor lighting, production and sales of electronic components; domestic trade, import and export of goods and technology. (Laws, administrative regulations, the State Council decides otherwis
Sales Products: LED light source lamp beads | LED Applications | LED Professional Lighting | LED infrared ultraviolet lighting | LED special lighting | LED Commercial Lighting | LED Outdoor lighting | LED decorative lighting | stage lighting lamp beads | LED interior lig
Major Business:
Electrical Equipment, Components & Telecoms / Electrical Equipment & Supplies / Professional Audio, Video & Lighting