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Lighting fittings and parts exports rosy.
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Recently, the reporter learned from Jiaxing Customs, from January to July this year, Jiaxing import and export value of 115.32 billion yuan (RMB), an increase of 3.4%. Which exports 86.54 billion yuan, an increase of 6.8%; imports 28.78 billion yuan, down 5.6%. Over the same period, import and export value of 1.22912 trillion yuan, Zhejiang Province, an increase of 2.5%. Exports 981.44 billion yuan, an increase of 4%; imports 247.68 billion yuan, down 2.9%.

In July this year, Jiaxing import and export value of 18.11 billion yuan, down 0.2%. Which exports 13.71 billion yuan, an increase of 1.6%; imports of 4.4 billion yuan, down 5.2%.

Export data show that from January to July this year, in addition to fasteners, the city's top ten export commodities showed growth. Wherein, lamps, lighting fixtures and parts exports 2.01 billion yuan, a substantial increase of 51.9% year on year.

In recent years, lamps and lighting fixtures Jiaxing export enterprises to continuously improve the production environment, improve their design level, and achieved certification in Europe and America, has won the international high-end market. Currently, the EU has become the largest export market in Jiaxing. In the first half of this year, the city lamps, lighting fixtures and parts exports 1.67 billion yuan, an increase of up to 61%.

Data show that in 2012 total output value of enterprises in Jiaxing LED is about 1.74 billion yuan; in 2013 grew to 23.6 billion yuan, the growth rate was 35.63%; in 2014 reached 40 billion yuan, up 69.49 percent. With the decline in the cost of technology is mature, LED product prices, industry sales in 2015 of about 50 billion yuan, an increase of 25%. Downstream entire city lights and LED applications account for the size of the whole industry chain, the proportion of about 85%, is one of the LED main base in Zhejiang Province, in the domestic industry with a clear competitive advantage, the emergence of brilliance lighting, a Hana Microelectronics batch of key enterprises.

Last June, Tiantonggufen held 200kg sapphire crystal level conference, which is currently published maximum weight KY law sapphire crystal. Sapphire material a very wide application, is expected to be broken down through the whole terminal application components, the next few years the market demand for high-speed growth. TDG Holding to the sapphire substrate is represented by the city's rapid growth in LED upstream industry, focused on the layout of 90kg, 120kg, 200kg more than the level of large-size crystal growth furnace, the size of 4 inches or more fields with first-mover advantage.

In the application downstream brilliance Jiaxing LED illumination industry benchmark. Last March, the company's brand born Di carrying two smart products Snap and Boost unveiled at the annual US CES Consumer Electronics Show, CES Innovation Awards and won two, becoming the world's only received this award in the category of smart home brand. Boost product has superior WiFi signal extension functions as the world's first built-in WiFi extender smart bulbs, make home networking farewell dead, consumers through mobile phone APP smart home control products used in many aspects of entertainment, security and so on.