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Micro-LED iPhone is the ultimate weapon? .
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Next year the iPhone 8 will replace OLED screen, and even similar to Samsung's curved design, which will also be the biggest change since the iPhone screen since the birth occurred, but it is likely that Apple would like to have more.

Apple suppliers group Optical (Innolux) believes that for cost, reliability considerations, Apple is unlikely to completely replace the long-term use OLED LCD.

Indeed, Micro-LED technology is probably Apple's most wanted, will eventually replace the LCD display screen become the mainstream standard.

Apple acquired in 2014 specializing in low-power Micro-LED display technology research and development LuxVue company. This is a very small LED display, and does not require the same OLED backlight can reduce power consumption, increase the brightness, higher resolution, but large-scale production Micro-LED screens for mobile phones, tablet is still very difficult ,High cost.

According to rumors, Apple will get the earliest maturity Micro-LED display in the second half of 2017.

According to reports, Apple last year set up in northern Taiwan, a secret lab to develop thinner, lighter, brighter, more energy-efficient display screen, and from AU Optronics, high-strength photovoltaic (Sollink) lured a lot of talent.

Interestingly, Apple Watch watches pioneered OLED screen, iPhone and then to keep up, perhaps in the Micro-LED technology, Apple may also be used in the first watch, and then pushed to your phone.