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Global IR LED Market Overview
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31 th Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the curtain has fallen, exciting event for the people relish, but more about Olympic athletes peripheral products also continued popularity.

Rio Olympic Games attracted a lot of attention, in addition to high popularity of the Olympic Games itself has, OTC also frequently highlights, such as "primitive force," the Fuyuan Hui, Sun Yang and Horton's "war of words" and of course the Olympic Games help players play better level of high-tech products, such as the United States off the gold medal in the gymnastics group secret ---- infrared LED wearable treatment, it can help alleviate the pain at any time Olympians, relieve tension.

1 US gymnastics group "baby" - advanced infrared LED wearable therapy device

Infrared LED for us is not new, regular communications and sensor applications in areas such as remote control, optical mouse, smoke sensors, proximity switches, etc., but the profit margin is low and the market has become increasingly saturated.

The past two years smartphones infrared LED recognition, closed-circuit television surveillance system (CCTV) monitoring systems and increase infrared LED application requirements spawned high-margin blue ocean market. Also emerging mobile payment machine authentication technology handheld devices and healthcare fields of application market is also where profit growth.

TrendForce's Green Energy Business Division LEDinside estimates to years 2020 IR LED output value (excluding sensor) output value will reach 710 million US dollars (about 4.711 billion yuan), the annual compound growth rate of 24%, to become the new blue ocean LED manufacturers . (Figure 2).

2015 to 2020 global output IR LED


2 2015-2020 IR LED global output (Source: LEDinside)

2016, LED industry segments further divide the cake market, LED manufacturers will gradually look from the traditional backlight, lighting applications, have not moved in the past focused on UV LED, IR LED applications, which are not visible.

As of August 2016, China IR LED-related patent applications has reached more than eighteen thousand pieces, China IR LED patent filing trends shown in Figure 3, starting from 2000, patent applications continues to rise, and in It peaked in 2015 (2016 data temporarily statistics), 1524 current invention patents, utility models authorization 10424:

3 China IR LED patent application trends

From a technical analysis point of view constitute, H05B37 (circuit means for general electric light), F21Y101 (point light source), F21V23 (or inner illumination device is arranged above the circuit element) occupy the top three positions.

4 Infrared IR LED technology composition analysis

From the applicant analysis, the following are the top ten companies or research institutions:

5 applicant composition analysis

Currently Chinese enterprises have also begun leveraging IR LED out LED Red Sea competition, as the year broke Everlight have teamed Epistar (Epistar) to jointly develop application-specific infrared, and if the focus on the infrared LED market, Union Optical this year also raise funds 219 million yuan a "power monitoring system using infrared LED epitaxial materials, chip and device industry projects."

With a keen sense of smell and ability to innovate technology, Taiwan-based manufacturers at the end of last year to seize this market segment, such as Epistar, Everlight and HPLighting and other global chip giant Nichia, Osram also join the battle.

IR LED technology is relatively mature, relatively stable earnings. China's patent applications are gradually increased, but because the manufacturers of a wide range of IR LED industry attention, so that the infrared light LED is also more mature.

With modern things, biometrics, the rise of wearable devices, various sensors and image recognition technology was more important.

Application Features IR LED has become an important secondary source. And after passing through the combination of the sensing device and recognition technology, it can be used in iris recognition, face recognition and other special applications. Or it is also used in biosensor wearable device that can quantify the physiological state of the body, a new tool for health management. In view of the smart phones, cars, and other monitoring system using infrared LED penetration surge in the Asia-Pacific region will become the world's largest infrared LED market segments.